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Abama Wellness Weekends 2023

Mind, body & energy

This year, our Wellness Weekends will be based on the four pillars of Ayurveda: Dharma, Artha, Kama y Moksha. Join us in the Abama Event Garden for a series of yoga, fitness, and philosophy practices designed to bring your body and mind into balance. 

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Upcoming weekend: Artha

Friday, April 7th

SESSION 1 - 9:00h-10:00h with Mili: Gentle Vinyasa - Flowing into Abundance


Saturday, April 8th

SESSION 2 - 9:15h-10:00h with Raquel: Pilates for your body, mind and soul

SESSION 3 - 10:00h-10:45h with Devi: Pranayama breathing and Mindfulness Yoga


Sunday, April 9th

SESSION 4 - 9:00h-10:00h with Mili: Yin Yang Yoga - Balancing the energies of giving and receiving

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